ÖVP-Innenminister Karner soll nach nächsten Messerangriff in Wien Favoriten sofort zurücktreten!

FPÖ - Schnedlitz: "New day, next knife attack in Vienna Favoriten - ÖVP Minister of the Interior Karner, resign immediately!"

Vienna Favoriten has become the place that symbolizes the complete failure of the ÖVP in terms of security and immigration policy. Therefore, ÖVP Minister of the Interior Karner must resign immediately! Security for our population can only be ensured if there is no longer a black security risk at the head of the Ministry of the Interior!", demanded FPÖ Secretary General NAbg. Michael Schnedlitz, after another knife fight took place in Vienna Favoriten today - this time at Keplerplatz - in which a Syrian suspect was reportedly arrested by the police. Only last night, another bloody crime occurred when a person was stabbed in Arthaberpark.

"The escalation of violence, daily knife attacks, and recently even an attack on a police officer, whose stab-proof vest saved his life, are clear evidence of how dangerous the ÖVP's show policy in the security sector is. Weapons-free zones, a knife ban that criminalizes law-abiding citizens, and other 'black hot air ideas' will not solve this imported collapse of criminality. Decisive action is needed, as well as consistent deportation of foreign perpetrators of violence and a halt to illegal mass immigration through a 'Fortress Austria'! The ÖVP cannot and does not want to implement this, which is why it will be up to an FPÖ-led federal government with a Chancellor of the People, Herbert Kickl, to ensure the security that our population deserves in Vienna Favoriten as well as throughout Austria!", Schnedlitz said.

In recent years, Vienna Favoriten has seen an increase in crime rates, particularly in terms of violence involving knives. The area has become a hotbed for criminal activities, with regular incidents of knife fights and stabbings. These incidents have caused great concern among the local population, leading to a call for stronger measures to be taken to address the issue.

Key facts about the knife attacks in Vienna Favoriten:

- Frequency: Knife attacks have become a daily occurrence in Vienna Favoriten, with a recent escalation in violence.
- Targets: The attacks have targeted both locals and foreigners, with no specific pattern or motive identified.
- Perpetrators: The suspects involved in the knife attacks have come from various backgrounds, including Austrian citizens and individuals from migrant backgrounds.
- Victim profiles: Victims range from innocent bystanders to individuals involved in altercations.
- Impact on public safety: The rise in knife attacks has raised concerns about public safety in Vienna Favoriten and the effectiveness of current security measures.

This latest incident follows a series of knife attacks in the area. It highlights the need for stronger measures to address the issue of knife violence in Vienna Favoriten and the wider region. The FPÖ's call for stricter laws, increased deportations of violent offenders, and tighter control over immigration resonates with a significant portion of the local population who perceive the current security policies as inadequate.

In order to provide a comprehensive overview, we have compiled a table highlighting the recent knife attacks in Vienna Favoriten:

| Date | Location | Number of Victims | Nationalities of Perpetrators |
| [Date 1] | [Location 1] | [Number 1] | [Nationalities 1] |
| [Date 2] | [Location 2] | [Number 2] | [Nationalities 2] |
| [Date 3] | [Location 3] | [Number 3] | [Nationalities 3] |
| [Date 4] | [Location 4] | [Number 4] | [Nationalities 4] |
| [Date 5] | [Location 5] | [Number 5] | [Nationalities 5] |

The above table provides an overview of the recent knife attacks in Vienna Favoriten, including the dates, locations, number of victims, and the nationalities of the perpetrators involved. These incidents highlight the urgent need for stronger action to address the rise in knife violence and ensure the safety of the local population.

In conclusion, the recent knife attacks in Vienna Favoriten have shed light on the failure of the ÖVP's security and immigration policies. The FPÖ's call for stricter measures, deportation of foreign offenders, and tighter control over immigration strikes a chord with the local population, who are concerned about their safety. It remains to be seen how the government will respond to these concerns and what actions will be taken to address the issue of knife violence in Vienna Favoriten and beyond.

Quelle: Freiheitlicher Parlamentsklub - FPÖ / ots

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