FPÖ – Amesbauer: ÖVP und Kanzler Nehammer täuschen die Bevölkerung mit leeren Versprechungen

FPÖ - Amesbauer: "ÖVP and Chancellor Nehammer are deceiving the population"

Vienna (OTS) - It cannot be denied that the ÖVP, in particular, is responsible for uncontrolled illegal migration, as it is only under an ÖVP interior minister that our country has been flooded with countless asylum seekers. "When ÖVP Chancellor Nehammer and his interior minister Karner speak out in favor of a tougher asylum system with deportations and restrictions on family reunification, they are once again trying to deceive the population," reacted today the Freedom Party's security spokesman, MP Hannes Amesbauer, to a relevant report by the Austrian Press Agency.

"In 2022 and 2023 in particular, Austria had to record record numbers of illegal immigration, mind you, under Nehammer, Karner, and Co. The People's Party could have long since used its card of coalition-free space to support the Freedom Party's proposals in parliament for an asylum stop, deportations, and security. The only thing that Nehammer and his black representatives of misery can agree on is copying these Freedom Party proposals and pretending to the population that they are serious about it. However, as can easily be seen from the voting behavior of the ÖVP, the announced measures against asylum seekers and family reunification are nothing but hot air," said Amesbauer.

Amesbauer makes it clear: "Only a strong Freedom Party with Chancellor Herbert Kickl really means it when it comes to asylum policy and the associated security of Austria. There can only be one solution - an immediate asylum stop, rigorous deportations, and family reunification in the country of origin - we must now save what can still be saved. The election year 2024 can bring the decision!"


Year | Number of Illegal Immigration
2022 | Record high
2023 | Record high

Note: The numbers presented in the table are based on official data and pertain specifically to Austria.

It is important to note that the statements made in the press release represent the views and opinions of the Freedom Party and Hannes Amesbauer. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the publication or its editorial team. However, it is important to critically analyze and evaluate the statements made by politicians and consider the potential impact of their proposed policies on the local community.

Quelle: Freiheitlicher Parlamentsklub - FPÖ / ots

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