Traumtänzerin Nadine Rotter: Vom Tanzstudio in Wolfsberg zum Broadway (85 Zeichen)

Tanzträume und Herausforderungen: Vom Lavanttal an den Broadway

Nadine Rotter's journey in the world of dance commenced at the Dance Point studio in Wolfsberg when she was just four years old, describing it as a second home. She explored various dance styles from Jazz to Hip-Hop and Latin American partner dances, cherishing the ability to express emotions through movement. Rotter now trains and teaches in New York, Portugal, and Germany, having completed her dance education directly on Broadway, emphasizing the city's artistic vibrancy and the level of performance demanded on stage.

The path to realizing her dream of becoming a professional dancer was not without its challenges. Rotter acknowledges the intense and relentless nature of the profession, equating it to high-level athletic endeavors, emphasizing the importance of finding ways to rest and recuperate. To sustain herself financially during her time in New York, Rotter lived with families and provided German lessons to their children, allowing her to save money by cutting down on expenses.

Despite her international pursuits, Rotter's personal career highlight ties back to Klangfurt City Theater, particularly her participation in the opera "Carmen" as a Flamenco dancer. She reflects on the experience with gratitude, underscoring its significance in her artistic journey. Rotter's ongoing projects frequently bring her back to her roots in Carinthia, infusing a touch of Broadway ambiance into Klagenfurt. Her dedication to the Glückskind summer camp, culminating in a mini-musical performance, mirrors her commitment to fostering creativity and joy in young participants, creating a memorable experience while nurturing their talents.

Looking ahead, Rotter's focus remains on sustaining her career as a professional dancer on Broadway, showcasing her passion for the art form and the determination to continue pursuing her dreams in the realm of professional dance.

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